Box office report

Included 4 different reports that are running from the one interface: Film box office (usual and daily), Cinema box office, and Studio box office reports.

Common parameters for all 3 reports: Year, Currency.

Box office report

Film box office report

There are 2 types: usual and daily.

Type the film title and click on submit.


Filenames like “GBOF2_report.xls” (Gross Box Office Film, ver. 2.0)

GBOF report in Excel


Filenames like “GBOD_report.xls” (Gross Box Office Daily).

GBOD report in Excel

Cinema box office report

Select the cinema and click on “submit”.

Filenames like “GBOC2_report.xls” (Gross Box Office Cinema, ver 2.0).

GBOC report in Excel

Studio box office report

Select the studio and click on “submit”.

Filenames like “GBOS3_report.xls” (Gross Box Office Studio, ver 3.0).

GBOS report in Excel

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