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Box Office form

Box Office form

  • Select “Film”, “Cinema”, “Week”.
  • Enter “Note” (if needed).
  • Check “Sent by email” if you want the invoice be sent to the cinema upon the form completion
  • Check “Completed” if you've planning to enter all days and close this record.
  • Optionally you can select a theatre presentation format (imax, 3d, 2d, or 35 mm)

“Date” – enter the first date (for first week only), and all other days are populated automatically.

Enter “nbo”, “tax” and “attendance” numbers, for example, “25-Nov-10”, “1025.4”, “0.15”, and “449” (the “gbo” is calculated automatically).

After you'll enter every number – the form calculate “Total box office” and “Total attendance” automatically.

When you've entered all needed data – hit “Submit” to save it in the database.

Note: Don't check “complete” checkbox if you've entered several days only, and want to continue it again in the next couple of days.

See also Edit Box Office.

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