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This form is used to enter procent terms for films that will be shown in cinemas.

The form was updated in Mar-2011. New variant become more comfortable, and it allow to add new terms or change existing.

Select: film

Upon the selection program will show all existing terms in cinemas if any.

To add new cinema:

  1. Select a cinema in the free row (row where the column under “Select location” is empty)
  2. Enter terms: week1, week2, week3, etc
  3. Use character “+” on the end if you want to apply last number for all weeks after last week.

Note: The form allow only predefined set of terms that controlled by admin (Master).

Current set is: 30, 35, 40, 45, 50.

The program don't applied changes for the cinema where wrong rights of terms were entered.

Therefore read attentively the message after submit – the program inform about what cinema was Added, what was Changed, and what has been deleted if the word “del” was used.

Examples: 45, 45, 40, 40, 35+


week# Term
1 45
2 45
3 40
4 40
5 35
15 35

45, 45, 40


week# Term
1 45
2 45
3 40
4 N/A
15 N/A

To delete a record you should type “del” word into the “Terms” column and hit submit.

Updated Terms form



We have more cinemas to enter terms for than the terms window will accommodate. Please see ADJUSTMENT BUREAU.


Very simple: Terms window allow to select another cinema instead of the cinema that shown on the row, therefore you can add terms for 12 cinemas once.

For example, I added “50” for Deluxe 5 minutes ago.

To do:

  1. Select a Film
  2. Select another cinema in any row
  3. Clear the field and fill needed terms.
  4. Submit – you'll see the message about the cinema is added.
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