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Edit Box Office

Edit Box Office form

  • Select “Film”, “Cinema”, “Week”.
  • Change “Note” (if needed)
  • Check “Completed” if you finished enter data for this week and wanna close this record
  • Check “Sent by email” if you want the invoice be sent to the cinema upon the form completion
  • Check “Locked” if you wanna lock the record upon completion
  • Edit “nbo”, “tax”, and “attendance” numbers

After you'll enter every number – the form calculate “Total box office” and “Total attendance” automatically.

When you've entered all needed data – hit “Submit” to save it in the database.

  • Special button “Unlock” allow to unlock the “locked” record for future editing (available for power users only)
  • Use “Delete” to remove the record
  • Use “Submit” to save any changes


  • Don't check “complete” checkbox if you've entered several days only, and want to continue it

again in the next couple of days

  • Locked records are unavailable for deleting
  • All box office records inside the locked month also locked. You should first to unlock the month before to unlock any box office records in this month. Otherwise the “unlock” button will be not available.

See also Box Office form.

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