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Flat sale

This form allow to enter flat sale of the film to the selected cinema.

Select: film, cinema.

Enter: Date from in the format “dd-mmm-yy” (like “25-nov-10”), amount in US$, note for the invoice.

Ok, please use only this date format. Later in reports you'll have an opportunity to change the date format if in your country other one is used. Because in Europe for example, known format is DD/MM/YYYY, or others.

About amount in US$ – you should convert money value from local currency into US$. Later in reports this number will be converted back into local currency using exchange rate value from the exchange_rate table.

Flat sale

Updates in 02-jul-11:

  • Send by email – check it if you want the invoice will be send today at 12:00am EST.
  • Preview – check it if this record is preview data
  • Preview date – fill it as a preview date
  • Attendance – for previews only, should be non-zero – preview attendance number
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